Chain Drive Door Openers

2-Door & 3-Door Control Panels
Smartly designed controls feature large pushbuttons to open/close up to 3 separate garage doors and lock out all remote control signals while you're away. Enhanced functions include an adjustable light timer with 1-1/2, 2-1/2, 3-1/2 and 4-1/2 minute settings and a button to let you turn opener lights on/off from inside the garage. These accessories combine 2 or 3 panels into one wall control for a neat, compact appearance.
Garage Door Monitor
Provides convenience and peace of mind. Lets you know whether the garage door is open or closed from any room in the house. A battery-powered sensor, mounted on the garage door, signals the receiver inside the house. A flashing red light shows the door is open; a glowing green light indicates the door is closed.
SoftGlo™ Multi-Function Control Panel
Even in a dark garage, it's easy to find your way to our smartly designed SoftGlo™ lighted control. Turns opener lights on/off from inside garage. Locks out all remote control radio signals while you're away.
Premium Remote
Innovative design automatically streams brilliant blue lights from the push-button windows when you pass your hand over the remote.
Wireless Keyless Entry with Security+®
Opens and closes garage door when you enter a private 4-digit code. No need for a key or remote control. No wiring. Illuminated for nighttime use. Gives friends, relatives and service people limited access to the home.
Smart Control Panel™
Displays time, temperature and diagnostic messages in 3 languages. A motion sensor turns opener lights on "hands-free" and a convenient "learn" button easily programs remotes.
Mini 3-Button Remote Control with Security+®
Operate up to 3 garage doors. Turn garage door opener lights on and off. Carry on keychain or in pocket or purse.
Laser Parking Accessory
This innovative new accessory is designed to help you park in the right spot, every time!
Remote Light Control
Never walk into a dark house again. Light up your home from the car, with your remote control and our new LiftMaster® Remote Light Control! Many other uses include operating small appliances or outside lighting and decorations from inside your home or car.
Surge Protector
Protect your home during lightning strikes and power outages with the new LiftMaster® Surge Protector.